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Elena Chimeri


Elena, 1998, Genoa.

My drawing style reflects my personality and the way I see the world around me, as well as being a reinterpretation of my main personal sources of inspiration, ranging from watching children's cartoons and series to fashion and different lifestyles from other eras and countries, without giving up on contemplating works belonging to my favorite artistic currents.

My interest in drawing emerged since kindergarten, and I continued to cultivate it as a hobby until it became a passion.
I had never doubted my choice when attending the art high school, thus completing my education at "Liceo Artistico Statale Paul Klee Barabino" in Genoa, specializing in "Visual Arts".


Alongside my studies, I taught myself how to use a graphics tablet, trying to replicate the manga style.


In 2017, after graduation, I continued my artistic studies at the "Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti" in Genoa, specializing in "P.A.I. Artistic Design for Enterprises", passing my exams until 2018: during this year, I started creating the first designs for a merchandise line presented at the main Italian comic and video game fairs.


In 2019, I completed a tattoo course, obtaining the ASL authorization, at the "Accademia Professionale AreaDomani" in Genoa.
In the same year, in Pordenone (PN), I opened FAROUT, an independent clothing and accessories store for which I create designs and graphics for the main product line.


In 2020, I started consistently sharing my illustrations online and decided to open my online shop, offering handmade products made by me, and also began to attend craft and design fairs.
I also participated in creating illustrations for a board game, set to be released in 2022.


In 2021, I started collaborating with the Municipality of Pordenone (PN) on a project funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers aimed at urban redevelopment of the City Center through the creation of mural paintings on the external facades of historic buildings.


Also in the same year, I participated in the creation of an illustrated children's book, taking care of all the illustrations: it will be independently published in winter 2022.


In 2022, my work was featured in the magazine series SOLO - 100 Italian illustrators and SOLO - children's illustration vol.1, published by Psicografici Editore.


In April 2022, I collaborated in the creation of Studio Felce, where I specifically work on the illustration section.


In 2023, I resumed my artistic studies at the "Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti" in Genoa, specializing in "Art Graphics".

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